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Best Leaf Blower Buying Guide

Leaf Blower

Best Leaf Blower Buying Guide – How To Choose Perfect One

Leaf blower buying guide is important when you want to know how to keep your summer leaf fall under control. Here is a buying guide for the best blower.

Leaves can be such a nuisance when you do not have a leaf blower. Whether it is a season when the trees shed leaves or not, a blower is a necessary piece of equipment both at work and at home. With time, leaves will accumulate on your lawn or yard and make the place look unattractive. Why don’t you invest in a leaf blower? Not just any but the best leaf blower.

This article offers guidance to help you figure out the best leaf blower that will serve you well.

3 Major Types of leaf blowers

With the advent of technology there are a lot of leaf blower types to choose from. These include:

1. Gas leaf blower

Gas leaf blower
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Gas leaf blower is usually handheld thus it is light enough for you to walk around with. It does not require a cord at all. However this model is noisy, needs fueling and comes with maintenance costs. You can opt for the 4 stroke or 2 stroke engine in leaf blowers. The 4-stroke engine is cleaner and heavier at the same time. Of course, the 4-stroke engine is more powerful than the 2-stroke one and can do more work at a go.

The gas leaf blower is compact thus saving more of your storage space.

2. Backpack leaf blower

Backpack leaf blower
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For this one, you will have to dig deeper into your wallet than you would for the handheld leaf blower. However, it is cheaper than the cordless leaf blower. It is also more powerful.

This leaf blower is called backpack because it transmits weight starting from your arm to your back and shoulders. Its main demerit is that it is a little heavier than the handheld leaf blower.

Backpack leaf blower is bit noisy that it could irritate your neighbors. Therefore, find out whether there are decibel limits set by the local council authorities. In addition, find the most opportune times to make use of this backpack leaf blower, not just the time when your neighbors are at home having a siesta.

3. Electric leaf blower

Electric leaf blower
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There are 2 types of electric leaf blowers: the corded one and the cordless type.

The cordless electric leaf blower is not as powerful as its counterpart, due to the fact that it uses batteries. Cordless electric leaf blowers are lightweight thus flexible to move around with, even when you are blowing a big lawn. The designs of these blowers suits users who dislike corded equipment. However, the batteries used in cordless electric leaf blower will mostly not run longer than an hour. Therefore, use this electric leaf blower for simple tasks and for the small areas of work.

Corded electric leaf blowers are powerful, thus convenient for large areas in the yard. You just need one hand to operate this model. Therefore, fatigue is minimal at any given time. It is started by simply pushing a button. You will never experience emissions. It is almost as good as the gas handheld versions of leaf blowers. On the downside, the cord affects your maneuvering.

How to choose the perfect one


Money is an important issue that has to be managed with care. Now, do not buy a leaf blower that will cause you financial strain. Figure out whether the model you want to buy at the store is good for your budget. Do not make rash decisions. You are bound to make mistakes.


A good leaf blower is one that is effective. Depending on your needs and budget, go for that which satisfies you. Can it do the job you bought it for? If yes, how fast does it do it?

Work site

If you have a small yard, you do not need a powerful, expensive leaf blower. Go for that cheaper leaf blower that has been made for lighter blowing tasks.


The leaf blower that you go for should have a good grip to prevent your hands from sliding. This helps a lot in ensuring that you are safe when getting rid of leaves in your yard or lawn.


A suitable blower is one that is fast. This is a crucial feature if you are working on a large yard. You do not want to collect leaves for one more hour when you should use less time.


When buying a leaf blower look at the design too. This is the least factor to consider, but it is worth it. At times, all you want is to have attractive equipment in our store. This is really essential for ladies since they like such beautiful appliances. So, you are not wrong when you think that a given leaf blower is not appealing to the eye.

Having a leaf blower that serves you well is an essential aspect of your lawn maintenance. You do not have time for frustrations caused by slow, smoky, less effective leaf blowers. You do not need to go through such trouble after going through this article. Whenever you are looking for a leaf blower, make a point of reading the user reviews posted on the internet so that you do not buy blindly.

Do not blindly follow what the store attendants tell you. Remember they are in business and every business boasts of its products being efficient. As you do your research, also look at the images and videos posted online so that you can have an idea of just how the equipment operates. This way, you will be a more informed buyer. Whether you are going for an electric, gas or backpack leaf blower, the most important things to remember are your needs and budget, and to choose the most popular blower so that even when you need to have some parts replaced, you will find them easily.

Buying the right leaf blower, as you have seen here is not hard at all if you use these tips to guide you appropriately. Irrespective of your budget or needs, there are leaf blowers for just about anyone on sale. Just find the right one using the information here.


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