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Electric pressure washer

Electric Pressure Washer – What You Need To Know Before Buy

Electric pressure washer makes the work of cleaning the deck and the furniture easier. Here are a few ideas to help you buy the best one.

The electric pressure washer uses an electric motor to power a pump, which boosts water pressure and drives it through a garden hose and a concentrating nozzle at high pressure. You want to buy this tool if you would like to do your own cleaning at home and save the money that you would have used to pay for professional cleaning services.

What to Consider When Shopping for Electric Pressure Washer

Electric pressure washer is the tool you should buy if you are looking to clean your furniture, decks and patios or any other lighter-duty and heavy-duty cleaning jobs, especially those that emphasize cleaning over stain removal. Just like many people out there, you might not know which electricity-powered pressure washer that you should buy. To select the best pressure washer that suits your taste and cleaning needs, you should consider various factors.

5 major factors must keep in mind before buying an electric pressure washer

1. Electric Pressure Washer Capabilities

First, you need to consider the type of cleaning jobs you have at hand. This will allow you to know what type of electric pressure washer you should buy in respect to the specific kinds of duties it can handle. This will boil down to the total pressure output of the device, which is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). Simply put, PSI is what determines what cleaning duties an electric pressure washer can efficiently handle. Based on their capabilities, here are some of the most common types from which you can choose.

2. Light duty electric pressure washers

These are rated below 2000 PSI and they are very efficient in cleaning furniture, cars, sidings, patio, boats and trucks. You can also use them to clean sidewalks, fences and decks.

3. Medium duty electric pressure washers

Rated between 2000 and 2800 PSI, these devices work best for cleaning fences, siding and patios. You can use an electric pressure washer with this rating to handle what the light-duty one mentioned before could not handle.

4. Heavy duty electric pressure washers

As their name suggests, these ones generate between 2900 and 3300 PSI and you can use them for many cleaning jobs. You can use them to clean both small and large areas like sidewalks and driveways. An electric pressure washer of this rating would also handle jobs such as second storey cleaning or preparing surfaces for cleaning.

5. Extra heavy duty electric pressure washers

Just as the name suggests, these electric pressure washers can efficiently handle a variety of jobs. Often referred to as professional duty pressure washers, you can use them commercially to handle tough jobs and they also add extra power for painting. These models offer 3300 PSI and above of pressure.

Apart from PSI rating, you should also consider the water volume that the electric pressure is able to deliver before you buy. Measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Higher GPM provides better cleaning and rinsing, so the higher the better.

Electric pressure washers come in many varieties and you should choose yours carefully. You should read many pressure washer reviews before you buy one to ensure that you get the full value for your money.


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