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Chainsaws And Pole Saw Buying Guide

Chainsaw and Pole Saw

Chainsaw And Pole Saw Buying Guide – Lawn And Outdoor

With so many types of chainsaw and pole saw varieties in the market, choosing the best one can be daunting but not with these tips.

When talking about cutting things at home or even work, chainsaw and pole saw are among the equipment that you need. Chainsaw is a great tool, however you should be more careful about the kind of chainsaw that you buy. Ensure that you go for high quality tools, those that will give you more than enough value for their money by staying intact for a long time. Do not waste money on faulty models because sooner than you know it, you will be back in the stores looking for exactly the same thing. A chain saw is basically the saw with teeth used especially in tree felling. Pole saws are a modification of chain saws. The chain saw is attached to some kind of pole and used to reach tall vegetation.

2 Major saw types

1. Chainsaw

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Chainsaw and pole saw vary in terms of size and the powering method. For instance, the chain saws running on gas are faster than their electric counterpart. At the same time, they produce smoothly done finishes. The chain moves fast thus you will not need much pressure operating the saw. However, this type of chainsaw is heavier, makes more noise, emits fumes and needs regular maintenance and fuelling.

The electric chainsaw with a cord require you to connect to mains power, then squeeze the trigger and start sawing. They are usually cheaper than the gas operated chain saws. However, they saw at a slower rate thus taking more time and patience than their gasoline counterparts. It is preferable that you use an electric chainsaw on simple, light sawing duties. The cord also ties you within a given radius thus affecting your maneuverability while working in the lawn.

The cordless chainsaw and pole saw rely on batteries but are more expensive than the gas chain saws. When it comes to the power output, you cannot compare battery power with electricity or gas. This makes cordless chainsaws slow, inefficient and suitable for simple sawing jobs.

2. Pole saw

Pole saw
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As mentioned earlier, pole saws were invented to cater for the shortcomings of the ordinary chainsaws. For example, when you want to prune branches that are high up in the hedges, then you should use a pole saw, especially one that has a telescopic arm rather than one with a fixed arm. There is a specific kind of pole designed for the pole saw to make them efficient in their performance.

There are several kinds of chainsaw and pole saw for many brands, for example, the Husqvarna chainsaw. The first variety is the cordless pole saw. These use batteries that need to be charged for an hour. Lithium ion batteries are usually the best, thanks to their durability. This cordless pole saw can be used wherever you like, you do not need to sharpen the chain but they are not as powerful as the other types of pole saws.

The electric pole saw uses mains electricity as its source of power for sawing. It is suitable for simple tasks, lighter than the cordless pole saws. The cord will affect your movement as you work because you can only move as the length of the cord allows.

The gas reliant pole saw is the best of them all since it is made for heavier pruning and sawing work. It is heavier than electric pole saws therefore effective for bigger sawing activities. The long pole makes it possible for users to operate the gas powered pole saw while steadily standing on the ground. The weight of a gas run pole saw is distributed along its components and therefore do not have to worry about losing balance at all. The downside of the gas operated pole saw is the fact that it is noisier than the electric versions of the pole saws.

Features to bear in mind when choosing chainsaw and pole saw

Performance / effectiveness

Ensure that the saw you settle for attends to your needs. If you have extensive tasks, gas operated saws are good for you. If you are into simple tasks, the battery saws will do the work. Match the performance of the chainsaw and pole saw with the tasks you have.

Source of power

Ensure that the chainsaw and pole saws that you buy you have access to its power source. The power source should be affordable to you so that you can saw whenever you want; no limitations and frustrations caused by lack of fuel.


This has a lot to do with the task. If you are buying a saw for light activities, you do not need the heavy, more powerful chainsaw and pole saw.


Ensure that you compare prices to make sure you can afford the chainsaws or pole saw that you have settled on. You can even save money to buy the saw instead of getting into debts.


This is all about the extensiveness of what you want to saw. Huge tasks need powerful chainsaw and pole saws. A less powerful saw cannot do the work as expected. So gauge your tasks.

There are many uses for the chainsaw and pole saws, but you have to know how to buy the right one, for example, the Husqvarna chainsaw and most importantly, know how to use it. While the cost of buying one may seem like too much, just consider how much money you will save because you can now do the cutting and pruning tasks, instead of hiring a professional to do the same for you.

While chainsaws are more popular than the pole saws, you cannot use a chainsaw because you need to prune the branches without climbing the tree. These two go hand-in-hand. Whenever you are in doubt, always seek clarification from the store attendants or read articles like this one online for guidance. It feels good when you buy something appropriate than buy low quality, poor performance chain or pole saw. In addition, the tools will come with their comprehensive user manuals to assist you set up and use the chainsaw and pole saws in safety.

You should not go out to buy chainsaw and pole saws blindly as there are so many options out there in the market. You need to read reviews posted by other users so that you know you will get the best value for your money.

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