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How to buy the best hedge trimmer – Lawn and Outdoor

Buying a hedge trimmer can be hard or easy depending on your preparation. Here are a few ideas to help you along the process.

It is always welcoming when you have a well-kept and clean hedge and you can of course do that with a hedge trimmer. Hedge trimmers save time and effort, which makes them the best. They are easy to operate and maintain and better yet, you can buy one and it will serve you for a long time. For instance, with an echo hedge trimmer, one can get the experience of a lifetime.

Why the echo hedge trimmer?

  • It comes in both a single sided and a double sided blade form
  • The cutting razor blade of the hedge trimmer is ultra shape for the best performance
  • The handles are padded for ease of operation
  • It provides a rotational adjustment so that one can align themselves to the perfect cutting position

5 Selection tips for the best hedge trimmer

  • The length and the width of the hedges. This is a key determinant in establishing whether to go for the gas hedge trimmers that are cordless or for the electric hedge trimmer.
  • You will be interested to know that there are cordless electric hedge trimmer options available as well. If the hedges are tall, then you will most certainly need a cordless hedge trimmer. Additionally tall and broad hedges will need long blades for the best cutting performance as compared to the small bushes and shrubs that need shorter blades. Inclusive of this consideration is the gap between the teeth of the blade. Relatively larger gaps allow for maximum efficiency in cutting thick hedges.
  • Single or double sided? The answer basically depends on how fast you want to work. The single sided blade is relatively slower but safer. The double sided blade hedge trimmer is fast but needs one to be extremely alert lest it becomes dangerous and unsafe, especially for the user.
  • The weight. The weight of the hedge trimmer should be something that you can work with for a long period.
  • The safety features. The best form of the hedge trimmer is one that has a hand guard. This hand guard ensures that the branches and the leaves are not thrown back at the user.

Either of the three power sources of the hedge trimmers have their pros and cons. Electric hedge trimmers are light and as long as they are connected to power, they can be used for as long as necessary. The only major limitation in this case is the length of the cord.

Petrol or gas hedge trimmers are heavy and cordless. This means that with these hedge trimmers, distance is not an issue. Just ensure that you have enough fuel to run the whole good time.

Gas hedge trimmers can be quite noisy and that is something that you will have to live with. An in between version is the battery hedge trimmer. This hedge trimmer is not all that powerful and it requires that the batteries are fully charged when going to work.

Investing in a hedge trimmer is important given the benefits that you will reap from the same. This tool makes trimming fun, a task that you can really look forward to.

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How to buy the best hedge trimmer
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