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Portable Generator

Best Portable Generator Buying Guide – Lawn And Outdoor

Portable generator offers energy in situations and places where electricity is not available and provides backup energy during a power failure.

To buy the best portable generator that best suits your needs and situation; you first need to know what factors to consider such as the types available in the market, their usefulness and their portability. To know what portable generator suits your needs, look into its features to see whether they would be useful in your situation.

Backup Portable Generator

Sometimes, we experience an electric power outage. When this happens, you can experience many damages and losses, especially if it affects your business. A portable generator is the best solution to this problem. Buy a whole house generator that has enough wattage output to power all your important appliances such as freezer, water heater, heat source, clothes dryer and refrigerator and so on. Select a portable generator depending on how many devices you would want to run on it.

Remember that if you run too many and stronger appliances that draw too much energy than your portable generator can produce, the circuit breakers of the generator will trip resulting in power loss. You need to make sure that the appliances connected to the generator can run well without causing the tripping of the circuit breakers. But not to worry too much because the generators are sold with user manuals.

The type of fuel for Portable Generator

When buying a portable generator, be sure to take into account the type of fuel it will run on. Otherwise, you might not be able to use your whole house generator if the fuel it runs on is not available.

Generators for sale are available in many varieties that run on different types of fuels. You can select a whole house generator that runs on diesel, propane or gasoline. You can also select the models that offer the choice between more than one different types of fuel whereby you’ll only have to select what you want to use by switching a hose.

If you do not want to use fuel-operated generators, portable solar generators are also available, but they are a bit more expensive. These generators can charge fully in about 22 hours in strong direct sunlight.

3 important features to look for

Low emissions

Select generators with engines that produce the least carbon emissions. It is every man’s responsibility to do what he can to lower the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere. Buy generators that are rated as eco-friendly.

Noise level

Larger portable generators are naturally noisier than solar generators. Solar powered generators not only produce less noise, but can also pair more output. Depending on where you will use yours, be careful and find out whether there are any council by-laws regarding noise pollution.

Safety features

Select generators with low-oil shut-off to protect the engine from any potential damage when your generator runs too low on oil. GFCI outlets are very important because they protect the operator from electric shock.

Choosing the right portable generator that will best suit your needs depends mainly on how many appliances you would want to run on your generator and the total amount of energy they will draw from it. The lesser the better to preserve the life and usability of the generator.


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