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Best Lawn Edger – 4 Features To Look For When Buying One

A lawn edger will help you when taming your grass so that it does not overgrow. Here are a few tips to help you buy one.

A lawn edger is a priceless addition when you want to check the growth of your lawn grass. An edger ensures that there is a boundary between the lawn and any other surrounding surface. Depending on the nature of the landscape, you can choose to go for an electric, gas or manual edger. One may be tempted to think that a trimmer will serve the same purpose, but that is not the case. A lawn edger serves to trim vertically which is not the case with a trimmer.

4 important considerations for Lawn edger

1. The size of the lawn

If the lawn is large, then the chances are that you will need a grass edger that will work relatively faster. The best for such a lawn is the gas lawn edger. The only shortcoming is that a gas lawn edger produces much noise and needs more maintenance. If on the other hand your lawn is small, then an electric edger will do.

2. The design of the blades

Some of the lawn edgers come in the form of a straight blade or an angled blade. Straight blades run vertically to attain a straight edge cut while lawn edging. On the other hand, an angled blade is made in a way that it can trim and edge at different versions and angles. Again, depending on the type of the lawn, it is easy to establish the kind of lawn edger blade to opt for.

3. Adjustment

A good lawn edger is that which allows one to adjust the blade. You should also ensure that the features of the blades are such that they can be stopped when they begin to turn. The sole purpose of stopping is for safety reasons. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of lawn care if at the end of the day you end up hurt. The blade should also have a guard to prevent the weed and other debris from getting to the user.

4. The design

Design in lawn edging matters too. Some lawn edgers come with three or four wheels so that you operate by pushing forward. Such a design is efficient since it ensures that the user is in control of the operation. A different design is that which mostly comes with the electric form of the lawn edger. This design has a shaft connected to the blade and the wheel. It is lighter in weight, which provides for ease of operation. Lawn edgers with shafts can cut at any length but then one needs to be extra careful.

The fun of lawn edging

Lawn edging can be fun if you want it to be. Buying a lawn edger is by far the best solution to your problems. Black Decker, Troy Bilt and Worx are some of the brands to go looking out for during purchase.

Having the right lawn edger is all you need to create the perfect ambience in your outdoors. Untamed grass looks so unkempt and wild and that is not an image that you want your neighbors to see. With the right tool, taming it is so easy, and enjoyable.


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