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Pole Saw

3 Types Of Pole Saw – How To Pick The Perfect One For You

A good pole saw is important if you aim to trim the high hedges. Read this first before buying one.

A pole saw is a kind of a saw with an extended pole extension to reach high grounds. Pole saws simplify the work to a great extent. Imagine the wonders you can do with an electric pole saw. You no longer have to worry about the dangers of using a ladder for pruning trees that are high and above. Some of the famous and most preferred brands are Remington, Earthwise, SunJoe and Husqvarna among others.

3 best Pole saw types

1. Electric pole saws

These pole saws are corded and for them to operate they have to be plugged into the power. The light nature of this electric pole saw makes them easy to use. More so for people who are small bodied, electric pole saws are probably the best. The blade length of these pole saws is approximately 6 to 10 inches to help in the small cutting jobs. The major limitation for these pole saws is the cord limitations. Electrical pole saws can only work to the extent where the extension cord reaches.

2. Cordless pole saws

This one comes with batteries that need to be fully charged when venturing into operation. Unlike the electric pole saw version, a cordless pole saw knows no limits and it can operate anywhere and anytime as long as the batteries are charged. When it comes to battery selection, lithium ion batteries are the best and most efficient. The maintenance of cordless pole saws is not much like that of the gas pole saws.

3. Gas pole saws

These kinds have a fuel tank, which stores the fuel used during trimming and pruning. The good thing about gas pole saws is that they are heavy duty and efficient. However, by virtue of using petrol, they are not that environmental friendly both in terms of the fumes they exit and the noise they produce. They are the best pole saws if you are interested in buying the most powerful of them all. In as much as they are heavy and powerful, ensure that you look for a balanced model of the gas pole saws so that you do not get overly tired.

Every one of the three types has unique characteristics but there are standard things that need to be present in every one of them.

  • Easy to use and operate
  • The cutting blade should be light for easy trimming and cutting
  • The chain should be self lubricating

Tree pruner are available in all varieties. For professionals like, the gas pole saw is the best. For homeowners, the cordless or the electric pole saws will do just so nicely. If you are keen to set apart your needs, then you selection will be made easier. For instance, if you need to do heavy-duty cutting and pruning, then the gas pole saws are most certainly your best option. Soar higher and enjoy the fun of pruning with the best pole saw. Buy the one with telescopic arm to reach highest branches.

Buying the right pole saw gives you everything that you need to trim your high trees. Some come with extendable or telescopic arms giving you an adjustable height.

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